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Latest: 25th Anniversary Demo

The 25th Anniversary Demo was a very special occasion. The performances, the atmosphere and also the bond between students made the day a truly memorable time. Now you can all enjoy the sights and spectacle of the day.



icon 25th Anniversary Demo pt1 

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icon 25th Anniversary Demo pt 2

Part 2
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Part 3 coming soon...




25th Anniversary Song

The 25th Of April 2015 saw the Tse Qigong Centre celebrate its 25th Anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, Bill Gross, a student of Sifu Peter Andersen in Denmark wrote this special song.


Icon 25th Anniversary Song

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Three Dantians

Whilst teaching Qigong in Norway, Master Tse was asked to explain the Dantian, or centre of Qi in the body. He went on to explain that there are in fact three and why they are important.



icon Three Dantians pt1 
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Part 2 coming soon...



Wing Chun Doctor

Master Tse has a vast experience of Wing Chun. He is always willing to share this knowledge with all this students. At this Chi Sau Day in 2013 he helped students cover some of the gaps in their understanding and  also taught some more techniques to help their skill develop more.



graphic wing chun doctor pt1 

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icon Wing Chun Doctor pt2 

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icon Wing Chun Doctor pt3 

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Wild Goose - Developing Skill

Whilst teaching Wild Goose Qigong 1st 64 in Rome in 2010, Master Tse  not only explained the basics and expanded on the intricacies of  the movements, he also explained how he has developed from his many years experience.



Icon Wild Goose - Developing Skill pt1 
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icon Wild Goose Developing Skill Part 2 
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icon- Wild Goose - Developing Skill pt3 
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Part 4 coming soon...




Channel 4 Sunday Brunch

Master Tse was invited to appear on Channel 4’s popular TV show, Sunday Brunch to talk about Qigong and Chinese martial arts.

The show’s hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer were interested in how Master Tse began training and then went onto ask about the difference between Qigong and Taijiquan. Master Tse then went on to teach them some simple Qigong exercises and also give an impromptu self-defence application. If you missed Master Tse live on TV, you can watch it here.


photo Master Tse on Sunday Brunch 
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Wing Chun Lineage and Skill

Wing Chun is a very popular skill, but to find a good teacher you still need to know what to look for. In his first Wing Chun seminar in Australia Master Tse explains the skill, the lineage of Wing Chun Kung Fu and its purpose.


graphic Wing Chun Legacy & Skill pt1Part 1 Download Options:

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Wing Chun Lineage & skill pt3Part 2 Download Options:

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icon Wing Chun Lineage and Skill pt3Part 3 Download Options:

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graphic Wing Chun Lineage and skill pt4Part 4 Download Options:

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Good Kung Fu 

There are many good styles of Kung Fu. What determines whether a style is good or not? Is it simply that it is good for fighting, or is there more than that? Traditional Chinese Kung Fu is more than just a collection of fighting techniques. In this video, Master Tse explains what traditional Chinese Kung Fu is for and we train it.


icon Good Kung Fu pt1Part 1 Download Options:

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Icon good kung fu pt2Part 2 Download Options:

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Good Kung Fu pt3Part 3 Download Options:

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Icon Good Kung Fu pt4Part 4 Download Options:

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Wing Chun Brisbane

Master Tse has many students around the world. Some have been training for many years and some are just starting.
In this video, Master Tse teaches a relatively new group of Wing Chun students in Brisbane. He covers some basic applications and also some Chi Sau.


Icon Wing Chun Brisbane 

 Part 1  Download Options:

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Manchester Chi Sau 2012

Chi Sau teaches us how to use our Wing Chun skill. It is a high level training exercise, but also a lot of fun.  In this video taken in 2012, Master Tse returned to Manchester and touched hands with some of his  grand students, some of whom have been training for many years.


icon Manchester Chi Sau 2012 

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icon Manchester Chi Sau pt2 

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Horse Stance and the Essence of Qi 

Ma Bo or Horse Stance is a very important exercise in both Qigong and martial arts training. Some people think the exercise is just about strengthening the legs, but in this video series, Master Tse explains its deeper meaning and benefits, and also explains how to do it correctly.


icon Horse Stance and the Essence of Qi  pt1


Part 1 Download Options:

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Horse Stance & Essence of Qi Part2Part 2 Download Options:

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icon Horse Stance and the Essence of Qi pt3Part 3 Download Options:

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Icon part 4Part 4 Download Options:

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Icon Horse Stance and the Essence  of Qi Part 5Part 5 Download Options:

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Icon Horse Stance Essence of Qi Part 6Part 6 Download Options:

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Fundamentals of Green Dragon Sword

Green Dragon Sword is one of the most beautiful and challenging forms in the Chun Yuen System. To master it there are some fundamental skills that you we must learn. In this video Master Tse goes over some of them in detail.


icon Fundamentals of Green Dragon Sword pt1
Part 1
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icon Fundamentals of Green Dragon Sword pt1
Part 2
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Fundamentals of Green Dragon Sword Part 3
Part 3
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Enlightenment Gong Down Under

Enlightenment Gong is an intricate form. Master Tse has been teaching Enlightenment Gong for a number of years in the UK and has also been teaching it to students in New Zealand and Australia. In this video he explains and demonstrates the intricacies of this Dayan Qigong form.


icon Enlightenment Gong Down Under pt1 
Part 1 Download Options:

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Five Tiger Broadsword & other Weapons

Chun Yuen Quan has many forms both bare hands and traditional Chinese weapons. Whilst teaching the Five Tiger Breaks the Gate Broadsword, Master Tse also discussed the benefits and purpose of practising weapons forms.


Icon Five Tiger Broadsword & other Weapons pt1
Part 1
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Icon Broadsword & Weapons pt2
Part 2
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icon Broadswrod & weapons pt3
Part 3
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icon Broadswrod & weapons pt3
Part 4
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icon part 5
Part 5
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mp3:                     9MB




Developing Chi Sau

In May 2013 Master Tse organised a Chi Sau day as extra training for the many Wing Chun students in the Centre. His desire was to push their skill higher, and over the course he helped everyone increase their experience and also gain
from his vast experience as well.


icon Developing Chi Sau pt 1 

 Part 1  Download Options:

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mp3:                        HD-13MB



Icon Developing Chi Sau part2 

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Icon Developing Chi Sau pt 3 

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icon Developing Chi Sau pt4 

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icon developing Chi Sau pt5 

 Part 5 Download Options:

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Swimming Dragon - Norway

Swimming Dragon is a dynamic and beautiful Qigong form. To catch its detail and flow takes a great deal of practise and dedication.
This video shows Master Tse teaching Swimming Dragon in Norway as he breaks down and describes the movements in great detail.


Swimming Dragon Norway pt1 
Part 1 Download Options:

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icon Swimming Dragon Norway part 2 
Part 2 Download Options:


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Swimming Dragon Norway pt3 
Part 3 Download Options:


mp4:                       HD-173MB       Normal-47MB





Qigong - Love & Depression Pt1

This video was shot in whilst Master Tse was teaching Qigong to his students in Norway. In this lecture he explains how our emotions always have two sides and how they effect us and also how Qigong can help us balance them.


Qigong - Love & Depression pt1Part 1 Download Options:

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mp3:                         High-13.8MB




icon part 2Part 2 Download Options:

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icon Qigong - Love and Depression pt3Part 3 Download Options:

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mp3:                         High-10.5MB




Icon Qigong - Love & Depression pt 4


Part 4 Download Options:

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Icon Qigong-Love & Depression pt5 

Part 5 Download Options:

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Icon Qigong-Love and Depression pt6 

Part 6 Download Options:

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icon Qigong- Love and Depression pt7 

Part 7 Download Options:

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mp3:                         High-10MB





icon Qigong -  love & depression pt8 

Part 8 Download Options:

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mp3:                         High-13MB





Icon Qigong Love and Depression pt9 

Part 9 Download Options:

 mp4:                        HD-466MB         Normal-118MB

mp3:                         High-14MB





Meaning of Qi

Some Chinese concepts, like Qi, are hard to convey in the west. Translations often miss some of the meaning or the essence. In this video Master Tse explains the how the concept of Qi came about and how this can be found in the traditional Chinese writing for Qi.


Icon Meaning of Qi pt1Part 1 Download Options:

 mp4:                        HD-240MB         Normal-55MB

mp3:                         High-8MB




Meaning of Qi pt 2Part 2 Download Options:

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mp3:                         High-9MB



Taijiquan Basic Principles

This video was taken during the Chen Taijiquan Xinjia (New Frame) Residential Course in 2013. Master Tse taught the not only the movements of the Xinjia first form, but also went into great depth to explain the underlying principles and
philosophy of Chen Taijiquan.


icon Taijiquan Basic Principles pt1
Part 1
Download Options:

mp4:                    HD-332MB           Normal-56MB





icon Taijiquan Basic Principles pt2
Part 2
Download Options:

mp4:                     HD-283MB           Normal-87MB





icon Taijiquan Basic Principles pt 3
Part 3
Download Options:

mp4:                     HD-429MB           Normal-217MB





part 4
Part 4
Download Options:

mp4:                     HD-468MB           Normal-119MB





Icon part 5
Part 5
Download Options:

mp4:                     HD-551MB           Normal-139MB




Wing Chun Legacy pt1

In September 2013 Master Tse took a group of students to visit his teacher, Grandmaster Ip Chun to join him in celebrating his 90th birthday. He was joined by thousands of people who celebrated his life and the his tireless efforts in maintaining his father's legacy. These are some of the highlights from the trip with in both Loucun, Nanhai, Foshan, China and Hong Kong. They include the filming of TV interviews with Grandmaster Ip Chun, Master Tse and various students, Chi Sau and some of the beautiful sights around Foshan.


Wing Chun legacy pt 1 icon 

 Part 1  Download Options:

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icon Wing Chun Legacy pt 2 

 Part 2  Download Options:

mp4:                        HD-401MB          Normal-65MB





Icon Wing Chun Legacy pt3 

 Part 3  Download Options:

mp4:                        HD-405MB          Normal-67MB





icon wing chun legacy part 4 

 Part 4  Download Options:

mp4:                        HD-419MB          Normal-107MB





Icon Wing Chun Legacy pt5 

 Part 5  Download Options:

mp4:                        HD-545MB          Normal-140MB





Icon Part 6 

 Part 6  Download Options:

mp4:                        HD-440MB          Normal-112MB





Twining Hands Bagua

In 2012 Master Tse taught the form Kunlun Twining Hands Qigong, from the Dayan Qigong System, in Denmark. The form focuses on the Liver and uses slapping and chopping movements to release negative Qi and walking the Bagua to release and gather Qi.


Icon Twining Hands Bagau pt 1 
Part 1 Download Options:

mp4:                       HD-238MB       Normal-39MB




Twining Hands Bagua pt 2 
Part 2 Download Options:

mp4:                       HD-222MB       Normal-37MB





Liquid Qi

Filmed at during the 13 Grab Stick seminar in 2012, Master Tse discusses some advanced theories of Qi and talks about how we develop stronger Qi to make ourselves very healthy.


Icon Liquid Qi pt1Part 1 Download Options:

 mp4:                        HD-357MB         Normal-59MB

mp3:                         High-12MB



Icon Liquid Qi pt2Part 2 Download Options:

 mp4:                        HD-364MB         Normal-69MB

mp3:                         High-11MB



Liquid Qi part 3Part 3 Download Options:

 mp4:                        HD-378MB         Normal-69MB

mp3:                         High-12MB



Icon Liquid Qi Part 4Part 4 Download Options:

 mp4:                        HD-281MB         Normal-49MB

mp3:                         High-9MB



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