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Friday 17. of October 2014 New Video: Manchester Chi Sau 2012 pt1

Chi Sau teaches us how to use our Wing Chun skill. It is a high level training exercise, but also a lot of fun.

Monday 13. of October 2014 Ming: 50 years that changed China

Sifu invites you to join him in exploring a golden age in China’s history in this major exhibition at the British Museum.

Friday 10. of October 2014 New Video: Fundamentals of Green Dragon Sword pt2

Green Dragon Sword is one of the most beautiful and challenging forms in the Chun Yuen System. To master it there are some fundamental skills that you we must learn.

Tuesday 07. of October 2014 Master Tse 2015 UK Seminars

Master Tse has announced his exciting UK seminar schedule for 2015.

Friday 03. of October 2014 New Video: Horse Stance and the Essence of Qi pt1

Ma Bo or Horse Stance is a very important exercise in both Qigong and martial arts training.

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