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Friday 02. of October 2015 New Video: High Level People pt1

Everybody who studies Qigong and Martial Arts dreams of reaching a high level of skill. Some people are more successful than others. There are many things which can contribute to the outcome.

Friday 25. of September 2015 Plum Blossom Gong, Miju Quan and the Northern Lights

The September 2015 programme continued from the June seminars earlier this year, including the Chun Yuen Quan form; Secret Ancestor Fist – Miju Quan and Plum Blossom Gong; a Dayan Qigong form. There was also a refining and...

Friday 25. of September 2015 Master Tse teaches Enlightenment Gong

The next instalment of this fascinating form was imparted during the latest seminar. The form itself is very long and each seminar reinforces the previous one in terms of learning. But somehow the information imparted during the...

Friday 25. of September 2015 New Video: Five Tiger Broadsword pt2

The Chun Yuen Quan form Five Tiger Breaks the Gate Knife is as spectacular as it is demanding. However students must start learning slowly and precisely in order to gain control over body, knife and flags.

Thursday 24. of September 2015 Master Tse 2016 Seminars

Master Tse has announced his exciting UK seminar schedule for 2016.

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