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Friday 05. of February 2016 2016 Chen Instructor Course & Master Tse's Birthday

Instructors’ courses are always an intense and enjoyable time, and this year’s Chen Instructors course was no exception. The course was attended by many people from the UK, Denmark, Norway, Germany and the USA.

Friday 05. of February 2016 New Video: Chi Sau Manchester 2014 pt2

Wing Chun is a unique skill in that the only way to get better is to Chi Sau more people and touch more hands.

Monday 01. of February 2016 www.londonchentaiji.com - Master Tse's New Website

Master Tse new webiste dedicated to Chen Style Taijiquan launches today!

Friday 29. of January 2016 Master Tse's London I Ching Seminar

Last Friday Master Tse gave a special seminar on the Yijing (I Ching). This ancient classic book is the corner stone of Chinese Culture as it describes the very essence of Chinese philosophy and the laws of nature and the...

Friday 29. of January 2016 New Video: Touching Hands pt4

It is all too easy to get used to training with your classmates and get used to training against your own style.

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