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Friday 29. of August 2014 New Video: Five Tiger Broadsword & other Weapons pt4

Chun Yuen Quan has many forms both bare hands and traditional Chinese weapons.

Friday 22. of August 2014 New Video: Qigong - Love & Depression Pt8

In this lecture Master Tse explains how our emotions always have two sides and how they effect us and also how Qigong can help us balance them.


Friday 15. of August 2014 New Video: Enlightenment Gong Down Under pt1

Master Tse has been teaching Enlightenment Gong for a number of years in the UK and has also been teaching it to students in New Zealand and Australia.

Friday 08. of August 2014 John Macauly – Sadly missed

On the 17 of June 2014 our dear friend John Macauly passed away.

Friday 08. of August 2014 Dayan Palm Names

Master Tse has added the names for the Dayan Palm form to the website.

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