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Friday 21. of October 2016 New Video: Touch Hands 2015 pt5

Touch Hands days give students an opportunity to train against different people. Not only different people, but also people who do not train in the same style.

On these days, Master Tse brings his Wing Chun and Chen Taijiquan...

Friday 21. of October 2016 Important Announcement for Members

Could all members of the Tse Qigong Centre make note of the following announcement.

Friday 14. of October 2016 New Video: Ting Jing & Kong Jing pt1

Ting Jing and Kong Jing are high level concepts in Chinese Kung Fu. Without these two types of Jing your skill will always rely on using more strength.

In this video series Master Tse these concepts and how they are applied.

Friday 07. of October 2016 Hard Qigong Level I & Level III

Master Tse continued teaching Hard Qigong Level I and Level III to an eager group of students,and gave them the added excitment of setting their Hard Qigong test dates!


Friday 07. of October 2016 2016 Christmas Party - London

Another exciting year is flying by and it is hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner! In keeping with what has become a long tradition, the Tse Qigong Centre will be holding its annual Christmas Party, and Master...

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