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Monday 15. of September 2014 10 Years in Norway

September in Tromsø. Autumn has come with mist, rain, wind and …. A lot of anticipation. Sifu is coming and guess what! It is his and our groups Anniversary!

Friday 12. of September 2014 Dayan Palm Residential Course

Dayan Palm has been somewhat of a mystery for many years. Master Tse had only previously taught a handful of students over 20 years ago and most of them have drifted away. Only one student was still practising it and that was my...

Friday 12. of September 2014 New Video: Qigong - Love & Depression Pt9

In this lecture Master Tse explains how our emotions always have two sides and how they effect us and also how Qigong can help us balance them.


Friday 05. of September 2014 White Monkey Staff Residential Course

Master Tse has been teaching the White Monkey Staff for the past few years on a series of residential courses. This summer saw the completion of the form for the very first time!

Friday 05. of September 2014 2014 Qigong & Chun Yuen Quan Instructor Course

The Wild Goose Qigong and Chun Yuen Quan Instructor Course was another action packed, enjoyable and enlightening course. It also marks the end of an era and heralds the start of an exciting new one.

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