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White Monkey Staff Residential Course
August 17 - 20

Damo StaffThis is the second staff form in the Chun Yuen Quan system. It is a dynamic, flowing form that is also both challenging and beautiful. White Monkey Staff is good for creating good circulation, making joints more supple and for improving coordination and overall health.

Many Chinese martial art skills copy animal movements and particular their spirit. For Chinese people, the monkey is a playful animal with agility and lightness. If we practise White Monkey Staff more, then our bodies will become lighter and healthier, like a child’s.

*Please note: The 17th of Aug is the arrival day. Teaching begins on the morning of the 18th of Aug.

Deadline for advance payments is 19 July 2013. After this date a £40 late payment fee is applicable.


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Link to White Monkey Staff Video

To see a video clip taken from a previous White Monkey Staff course, please click here.




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