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Hard Qigong Level II - Part I
September 29 - 30

Saturday 29 Sept Time: 1pm to 5pm

Sunday 30 Sept Time: 11am to 3pm


Hard QigongHard Qigong works to develop the body and internal organs to a super degree of health and condition by using special breathing techniques that are unique to this type of skill. It will help to strengthen the bones and marrow and bring up very strong Qi in the body.

Level II is a progression of the skill for those having completed Level I and builds up even stronger Qi as other objects, like bricks, are used to train the external body. It is very good for those wanting ‘super health’ or to train their bodies for being able to withstand strong blows.

Part II will be taught in early 2013


To see a video clip of Master Tse demonstrating Hard Qigong Level II click here.


Please Note:

This seminar is only open to those who have completed and passed the Level I Hard Qigong course and test.  Please contact the Tse Qigong Centre for details.


Seminar Fees:


In order to receive the discounted, advance seminar fee rate, seminars need to be paid for at least 8 days in advance (10 days if paying by cheque) with the exception of residential courses. Any payments received after this WILL INCUR a £20 late booking fee.


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If paying on the day, only cash will be accepted but we ask that you please call the organiser to make prior arrangements at least 8 days in advace in order to avoid the late booking fee.


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