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Six Senses

This lecture follows on from Master Tse's lecture on the 7 Emotions. In this series Master Tse explains how our Qi is effected by our senses and how our senses effect our Qi in order to help us understand how external influences connect and effect our internal body.


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Shen is one of the fundamental concepts in Chinese medicine and Qigong. Western medicine has a basic understanding of what it is, but does not place any importance on developing it. This is the complete opposite to the Chinese way. In this series, Master Tse explains why we must not overlook Shen.


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Daoism and the Skyeye

Wild Goose Qigong has links with both Buddhism and Daosim. As such is is good to have a basic understanding of both philosophies and how they relate to the Wild Goose Qigong exercises. In this video series Master Tse talks about the Daoist concepts of the "Dan" and how this is created. He also talks about when the Qi is strong, how this goes on to develop the Skyeye.


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Meditation with Master Tse

Back in the 90's Master Tse produced a meditation audio tape, which was sold through Qi Magazine. At the time this tape proved very popular. Times have changed and now the audio tape and Qi Magazine are things of the past. However, we have converted the tape into mp3 files that you can now download for free to enjoy.

The benefits of meditation are many, you reduce stress, relax your mind and body, and help energise your body. Michael Tse teaches you how to relax and start to enjoy meditation. Meditation postures are taught, so all you need to do is pick the most comfortable one, listen to the tape and relax. 

A word of advise though. The recording is very relaxing and we do not advise you to listen to it whilst driving or during other activities which require your full concentrated attention. During the original recording session the sound engineer even fell asleep.


Meditation by Master Michael Tse 
Download the mp3 files below:


Short Meditation

Long Meditation  








Two Monks Story





What is Qigong?

Wing Chun Chi Sau (Sticking Hands)

Principle of Taijiquan

What is Chun Yuen Quan?



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